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Friday, August 29, 2008

One turns to two and two turns to.......

Most of the beer I drink is consumed inside the walls of a pub. I sample, review and do tastings at my place, but most of the time the beer in my hand is a pint glass in a pub.

Going out for a beer after work (Volo is just a couple blocks north) is great. I always promise myself that I will only stay for one and then head home. That hardly ever happens. I get chatting away with the bartender or I happen to run into someone I know and the conversation turns into 'beer talk' and the beer goes down all too well. Next thing you know your three pints in and the bill wasn't what you were expecting to dish out, but good times were had.

This how I justify it. While some people get their kicks buying fancy things like clothes, furniture, cars, electronics and such, I tend to, and enjoy, spending a good chunk of my dough-ray-me on social activities, many of them involving a pub and some beers. Material things may last a while, but memories from the pub scene last forever and that's why I normally stay for more than least that's what I tell myself.

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5_55 said...

Don't we all? I don't know what would happen to me if I had Volo 2 blocks down from my office :)

C'est What is the closest "quality" beer place from my work and it's probably good I have it slightly off my usual walking trail.

You can even make a financial argument that almost all material stuff loses value over time but your memories stay with you forever. We don't talk enough to other people and beer is excellent at encouraging it.

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