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Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Beer Arriveth

I stopped by Volo tonight to pick something up and noticed all the casks getting lined up outside on the patio. Black Oak's Ken Woods was there helping move some patio furniture around and arranging the firkins while Ralph worked on some other tasks for the start of the big event that commences tomorrow.

Ralph confirmed that the Dieu du Ciel and Hopfenstark products arrived and were already received, picked up, and are now waiting to be tapped.

Here is the latest list for this weekend's Cask Days:

Barley Days Brewery, Wind & Sail Dark Ale
Hockley Valley Brewing, Black Forest Stout
Maclean's Ales, Maclean's Pale Ale - Dry Hopped
Wellington Brewery, Iron Duke Strong Ale
F & M Brewing, George's Double Red
F & M Brewery, Stonehammer Dark Ale
Stratford Brewing, Empire Common
Pepperwood Bistro/Brewery, Pepperwood Mild Ale
Nickel Brook Beer, Nickel Brook ESB
County Durham Brewing Co., Hop Addict IPA
County Durham Brewing Co., Hop Head IPA
Mill Street Brewery, Green Hopped Tankhouse
Mill Street Brewery, Coffee Porter
Saint Andre Brewing, Doug's Hop Masher Ale
Wellington Brewing Co., Arkell Best Bitter
Grand River Brewing Co., Plowmans Ale
Niagara's Best Beer, Niagara's Best Blond - Dry Hopped
Railway City Brewing Co., Iron Spike Copper Harvest Ale
Great Lakes Brewery, Pumpkin Ale
Great Lakes Brewery, Peach & Pepper Ale
Great Lakes Brewery, Oatmeal Chocolate Stout
Fuller Smith & Turner P.L.C., Fuller's London Pride
Fuller Smith & Turner P.L.C., Fuller's ESB
Granite Brewery, Peculiar Strong Ale
Granite Brewery, Hopping Mad Pale Ale
Trafalgar Brewing Bewleys Breakfast Ale (Black Tea Brown Ale)
Cameron's Brewing Co., Clove & Dagger Ale
Cameron's Brewing Co., Brewers Surprise Ale (TBA)
Amsterdam Brewing Co, KLB Pale Ale
Amsterdam Brewing Co, Framboise
Robert Simpson Brewing, Pale Ale
Scotch Irish Brewing Co., Corporal Punishment Brown Ale
Scotch Irish Brewing Co., Black Plain Irish Porter
Neustadt Springs Brewery, Elderbrau Lager
Black Oak Brewing Co., Homegrown Hop Bomb Pale Ale
Black Oak Brewing Co., Sweet Potato Nutbrown Ale
Church Key Brewing, West Coast Pale Ale - Wet Hopped
Church Key Brewing Co., Purple Loosestife Mead
Church Key Brewing Co., Tobacco Road
King Brewery, Unfiltered Hopped Pilsner
C'Est What, Homegrown Hemp Ale
Denison's Brewing Co., 2007 Dunkel Lager (Tap)
Grand River, Mill Race Mild
Grand River, 2007 Grand River Jubilation Spiced Ale (Tap)
Dieu Du Ciel!, Vaisseau des Songes IPA
Dieu Du Ciel!, Penombre Black IPA
Dieu Du Ciel!, Péché Mortel (Tap)
Dieu Du Ciel!, Rigor Mortis Abt (Tap)
Dieu Du Ciel!, Corne Du Diable IPA (Tap) (
Hopfenstark, Post Colonial IPA
Hopfenstark, Saison Station 16 (Tap)
Hopfenstark, Blanche de L'Ermitage (Tap)
True North Brewery, Trilight - Well Hopped Real Lager
Beau's All Natural Brewing, Night Marsen
Cool Brewery, Twisted Millennium Buzz
Publican House Brewery, Square Nail Pale Ale (Tap)

56 listed!!

*Photo taken last year*

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