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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Coors Light Disses Toronto

I picked up a copy of the Metro this morning and saw the headline Toronto the Cold with a picture of a Coors Light billboard. I did the first thing any fan of craft beer would do - I turned the page without reading the story. I just figured it would be another marketing gimmick about mountains turning blue or Coors introducing a new cold-filtered lime based light beer in Toronto.

However, a colleague came into work and asked if I read the article and pointed out the real message on the billboard: Colder than most people from Toronto. I live in Toronto. Should I be offended? I'm not, I think it's pretty funny actually and Coors accomplished exactly what they wanted to by putting up this poster; getting people talking about it. Although, I would rather see another slogan take its place - Colder than, ah... who cares.

The Toronto Star has the story and comments are pouring in and I think it's pretty entertaining to read some of the thoughts posted. There are some people really taking offensive to the ad, going so far as to saying they've purchased their last case of Coors (great, pick up a Stonehammer Light by F&M. A light beer with taste). But the quote of the day belongs to d_c who wrote:

gimme a break!
I might take umbrage if it was actually real beer. But, Coors Light?

Support your locals - drink craft beer!


Anonymous said...

love that tag line - colder than, ...ahh who cares.

what you can care about is a new site that will help you bring your favorite craft beer to your favorite pub. is setup and ready to help Canadians bring their fav beer to their fav pub.

Get your pub up there,and start a petition to let the pub owner know what you want to drink.

Eric said...

Coors announces that they're taking down the ads due to "about ten emails, mostly complaints" from people from Toronto. On a side note, they also announce that, much like their beer, they are lacking a pair of cajones.

Anonymous said...

My response:
CN Tower ...Higher than most people in BC
born in TO

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