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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Complete List of 2008 Canadian Brewing Award Winners

Here are the list of winners from tonight's 2008 Canadian Brewing Awards Gala.

North American Style Lager
GOLD – Carling, Molson-Coors Canada (ON)
SILVER – Laker Lager, Brick Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Cool Beer, Cool Beer Brewing Co. (ON)

North American Style Premium Lager
GOLD – Lighthouse Lager, Lighthouse Brewing Co. (BC)
SILVER – Old Credit Pale Pilsner, Old Credit Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Great Western Premium, Great Western Brewing Co. (SK)

European Style Lager (Pilsner)
GOLD – Pilsner, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – Rocky Mountain Genuine Lager, Fernie Brewing Co. (BC)
BRONZE – Traditional Pilsner, Creemore Springs (ON)

North American Style Amber Lager
GOLD – Millennium Buzz Beer, Cool Brewing Co. (ON)
SILVER – Dutch Amber, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Red Leaf Smooth Leaf Lager, Great Lakes Brewing Co. (ON)

Bock – Traditional German Style
GOLD – Helles Bock, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – Nickel Brook Ice Bock, Best Bitters Brewing Co. (ON)

North American Style Dark Lager
GOLD – Cameron’s Dark Lager, Cameron’s Brewing Co. (ON)
SILVER – Two Rivers Red, Fort Garry Brewing Co. (MB)
BRONZE – Waterloo Dark, Brick Brewing Co. (ON)

Light (Calorie Reduced) Lager
GOLD – Brewhouse Light, Great Western Brewing Co. (SK)
SILVER – Coors Light, Molson-Coors Canada (ON)
BRONZE - Moosehead Light, Moosehead Brewing Co. (NB)

Wheat Beer – Belgian Style “White”
GOLD – Tessiev’s Witbier, Buckerfield’s Brewery (Swans) (BC)
SILVER – Belgian Wit, Granville Island Brewery (BC)
BRONZE – Blanche de Chambly, Unibroue (QU)

Wheat Beer – German Style Hefeweizen
GOLD – Hefeweizen, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)
SILVER – Denison’s Weissbier, Denison’s (Michael Hancock) (ON)
BRONZE – Whistler Weissbier, Whistler Brewing Co. (BC)

Wheat Beer – North American Style
GOLD – Sungod Wheat Ale, R&B Brewing Co. (BC)
SILVER – Velvet Fog, Wild Rose Brewery Ltd. (AB)

Strong or Belgian Style Ale
GOLD – La Fin Du Monde, Unibroue (QU)
SILVER – La Maudite, Unibroue (QU)
BRONZE – Surley Blonde, Phillips Brewing Co. (BC)

North American Style Amber/Red Ale
GOLD – Yukon Red Amber Ale, Yukon Brewing Co. (YK)
SILVER – Cameron’s Auburn Ale, Cameron’s Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Fire Chief’s Red Ale, Pump House Brewery Ltd. (NB)

Cream Ale
GOLD – Sleeman Cream Ale, Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co. (ON)
SILVER – Cameron’s Cream Ale, Cameron’s Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – True North Cream Ale, Magnotta Brewery Ltd. (ON)

North American Style Blond or Golden Ale
GOLD – Stock Ale, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – Griffon Extra Pale Ale, McAuslan Brewing Co. (QU)

English Style Pale Ale (Bitter)
GOLD – Picaroons Best Bitter, Northampton Brewing Co. (NB)
SILVER – ESB, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
BRONZE – Swans ESB, Buckerfield’s Brewery (Swans) (BC)

North American Style Pale Ale/Bitter
GOLD – Tankhouse Ale, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – Plowman’s Ale, Grand River Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – SOB (Special Old Bitter), Pump House Brewery Ltd. (NB)

Barley Wine
GOLD – Barley Wine 2007, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – Barley Wine, Wild Rose Brewery Ltd. (AB)
BRONZE – Barley Wine, Pump House Brewery Ltd. (NB)

India Pale Ale
GOLD – Garrison Imperial Pale Ale, Garrison Brewing Co. (NS)
SILVER – Hop Head India Pale Ale, Tree Brewing Co. (BC)
BRONZE – Amnesiac IPA, Phillips Brewing Co. (BC)

Brown Ale
GOLD – Hockley Dark Traditional English Ale, Hockley Valley Brewing Co. (ON)
SILVER – Swans Appleton Brown Ale, Buckerfield’s Brewery (Swans) (BC)
BRONZE – First Trax Brown Ale, Fernie Brewing Co. (BC)

Scotch Ale
GOLD – Scotch Ale, Pump House Brewery Ltd. (NB)
SILVER – Scotch Ale, Mill Street Brewery (ON)

GOLD – St. Ambroise Oatmeal Stout, McAuslan Brewing Co. (QU)
SILVER – Hockley Stout Traditional Irish Ale, Hockley Valley Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Cobblestone Stout, Mill Street Brewery (ON)

GOLD – Coffee Porter, Mill Street Brewery (ON)
SILVER – John Sleeman Presents Fine Porter, Sleeman Brewing & Malting Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Man’s Best Friend Porter, Picaroons, Northampton Brewing Co. (NB)

Fruit & Vegetable Beer
GOLD – Longboat Chocolate Porter, Phillips Brewing Co. (BC)
SILVER – Pommegranate Wheat, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Framboise, Amsterdam Brewing Co. (ON)

Special Honey/Maple Lager or Ale
GOLD – Great Lakes Winter Ale, Great Lakes Brewing Co. (ON)
SILVER – Honey Brown, Niagara Falls Brewing Co. (ON)
BRONZE – Old Credit Holiday Honey, Old Credit Brewing Co. (ON)

Beer of the Year - Garrison Brewing Co. - Imperial IPA (Highest scoring beer of the judging) (two years in a row).

Brewery of the Year - Mill Street Brewery (ON) (two years in a row).


tupalev said...

I certainly appreciate the work that goes into these awards, and I enjoyed myself at them last year (and I am not one to whine too much about such things all the time) but man, that sure is a lot of recognition for pretty mediocre "North Amrican" style versions of lagers and light ales isn't it? North American Lager, Pils, Amber Lager, Dark Lager, Light Lager, not to mention North American Wheat, Amber, Cream Ale, and Blonde - really? Why break it down so specific? Why reward what is usually pretty mediocre stuff? Here's my suggestion: North American Lager. Maybe Cream Ale. Maybe Golden Ale. That's it.

And why the hell "award" a winner for light beer? I do not care how many certified judges you have, or what official rule book you are following, rewarding that category alone undermines the credibility of such events. Let the light beers fight it out with the other lagers - if they're flavourful, they'll do just fine. I guess I'll just never understand Canadian Brewing Award type events..

Having said that, thanks for posting the results Troy. At least they got some things right, like Garrison Imperial Pale :) I just wish it was not crowded with all of this other, at best, mediocrity.

As an aside, where was it held this year? Were the organizers more successful than last in getting out of Province samples approved for consumption at the fest?


Anonymous said...

Agreed on most points for sure, particularly on the lite category and such. I disagree on the Imperial Pale comment, it used to be a fantastic beer but the last couple times I had bottles sent out to me they were dismal by comparison, very disappointing. Inconsistent product doesn't deserve to be dubbed Canada's best, embarrassing really.

Anonymous said...

Big congrats to Mill St btw!

5_55 said...

I was happy to see Hockley's two beers doing so well. They are great, and, even better, easily available at my local LCBO.

Anonymous said...

jonnyp - The reason the Garrison IPA isn't consistent with what you've had previous is because of the change in brewmasters. Their former brewmaster, Greg, the one who created the formula has gone to Pumphouse, and oddly enough Pumphouse's ex-brew master is now at Garrison.

Anonymous said...

Correct gents, consistency has been tough this year & letting go the head brewer & packaging sup. was just the beginning. Daniel took over the brewery with no turnover, no staff & (mysteriously) no recipes or brewing records. Throw in a hop crisis (no Cascade for an all Cascade beer!) & a 35% increase in sales...

Honestly, anyone but Daniel & we would probably have been screwed. We've finally got everything back on track (evidenced by CBA results) & are working up some amazing seasonals. Gotta love this biz!

Thanks Troy for all the hard work & keep promoting great Canadian beer!

Troy Burtch said...

Andrew - Thanks for reading the blog; however, the comment you recently posted was removed because that is not what this blog is about.

Regardless if you agree with what Brian said, he came on here as the owner of the Beer of the Year and voiced his thanks.


Troy Burtch said...

jonnyp - it was awarded Beer of the Year based on the total number of points it received. That being said, the IMPA scored the highest points out of the 239 beers scored.


Troy Burtch said...

Also, I do not condone what Brian wrote RE: (mysteriously). missing recipes.

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