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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Bracebridge's Griffin Pub in the News

I like seeing small pub's being mentioned in the media, so it was nice to see Bill Perrie's review of Bracebridge's newest pub featured in the Winter issue of TAPS beer magazine. And yesterday the Gravenhurst Banner released a story about the pub of their own.

The Griffin Pub, opened in August, has to be the only place in the area that insists on strictly serving Ontario craft beers. The pub, owned by Jed Corbeil and Curt Dunlop, also hold monthly beer dinners on the last Sunday of the month that features a small Ontario craft brewery. The beer from that brewery will then be featured for the entire month. Back in November it was Grand River who was featured and just last week it was Mill Street, as Jed's brother and Mill Street brewer Sam Corbeil (who has guest posted here), visited the pub and helped educate customers on the quality of Mill Street's portfolio while matching the beers with specially prepared foods.

I have yet to visit the pub (sorry Jed, coming soon) due to different unforeseen reasons, but I have heard nothing but positive news and I expect the Griffin will be my type of pub and well worthy of a profile here.

Click here to read the story in the Gravenhurst Banner. "They (microbrewers) have a passion for their products," stated Corbeil to the Banner. "These guys devote their life to beer."

**Just a side note - the Griffin is currently closed for renovations with an anticipated re-opening on January 14th.


Anonymous said...

I'll pop in before my next visit to Santa's Village. Kidding. Looking at the menu, it is Mill St.heavy (which is fine) but I wonder how they're getting their hands on the wit and the stout when we in Toronto can only get it at the brewpub.

Troy Burtch said...

Malcolm - the owner and a brewer at Mill street are brothers...

Mill Street is also the beer of the month at the Griffin. That being said, you won't find another pub in that area that is craft beer friendly. A Steam Whistle here and there, but no craft beer friendly pubs.

I think I had a Wit at Murphy's Law this summer, but your right, I've never seen their stout on tap anywhere else.

And, I love Santa's Village :)

Thanks for reading.

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