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Friday, February 22, 2008

Killer Pub Manager, Baked Beans and a Beer Festival

* Most pub owners I've ever had the pleasure of meeting have come across as great people who work very hard and love what they do. Publicans are supposed to be hospitable, accommodating, knowledgeable, and fun, but someone forgot to tell that to a former pub manager in Britain. Steve Wright, a former pub manager of a pub that has not been named, was found guilty yesterday of killing five prostitutes in Ipswich back in 2006.

* Quick, who loves baked beans? Anyone? Well, I enjoy the odd side of baked beans with a pork roast or smoked ribs; there are some delicious varieties out there. Heinz, the corporate giant best known for their ketchup, are rolling out some new brands of the beans and to capture public interest they have hired sommeliers and beer connoisseurs to match the beans with beer products. Weird, maybe. Interesting, definitely. While I enjoy matching food and beer together to create a whirlwind of wonderful experiences in my mouth, beans and beer take it a step back. Beer has been trying to emulate what wine has been so successful in doing for years and to have a huge company state that beer and beans have the perfect marriage is like the old adage of saying beer only goes well with pizza, hot dogs and burgers.
Look what else Heinz is doing:
Now onto the bit I REALLY love. To bring the new concept of beer and beans to life, Heinz has created the ultimate pub experience by producing the first ever beans bar serving perfectly poured pints of beans on tap. The beans on tap bar will be touring around University bars in the UK.

* The Pepperwood Bistro and Brewery in Burlington is holding their annual Beer Festival this Sunday and word is out that it will be better than before. The event starts at 2:30pm and runs until 5pm. Tickets are $30, which includes samples and delicious snacks prepared by the chef. Last years breweries included Nickel Brook, Black Oak, Brick, Creemore, Denison’s, Great Lakes, King, Labatt-Stella, Lakeport, McAuslan, Mill Street, Niagara, Pepperwood, Taps, and Trafalgar. TAPS magazines will be available for free and input is appreciated. Hope to see you there.

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