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Monday, January 3, 2011

King Brewery Sold To Beer Barons

*Update below*

Rumours were going around a couple of weeks back that Phil DiFonzo, founder of King Brewery in Nobleton, ON, had sold his brewery to the individuals behind Beer Barons, best known as the importers of the world famous Weihenstephen. I contacted both parties before the holiday's but I have not received any comment to date.

However, Roger Mittag, a TAPS contributor, beer educator and operator of the Quench Your Thirst blog, has confirmed the rumours today in a post on his site.

Says Mittag:
A significant deal has emerged in the past few days and I’m proud to bring this to you.

Beer Barons is a company that was formed a few years ago. Sean Fleming and Troy Taylor began with what could be described as an iconic brand as their cornerstone. Weihenstephan is not only one of the best Weizenbiers in the world, it is also home to the oldest active brewery in the world and if that’s not enough, home to the technical brewing university of Bavaria.

They succeeded in picking up a few brands along the way but recently solidified their position in the beer industry by acquiring King Brewing. This wonderful brewery that was created by award winning brewer, Phil DiFonzo, is going to provide the beginning of a portfolio of beers that will only enhance the position of Beer Barons. Being able to offer a solid Pilsner, Dunkel and now the Pilsbock will complement the Weissbier of Weihenstephan.
King Brewery was founded in Nobleton, ON by Difonzo in 2002 and quickly received high praise for his traditional style Czech Pilsner, which has won it's fair share of awards throughout the years, including a Gold Medal at this year's Canadian Brewing Awards. King also produces a Dark Lager and most recently released a Pilsbock.

Mittag also mentions that DiFonzo will remain with the brewery as the brewmaster.

*I just spoke with Sean Fleming of Beer Barons and he confirmed the acquisition, stating that they acquired King on December 24th. Fleming mentioned that they have plans for expansion and greater distribution in the near future. "King is a great brand with lots of potential," said Fleming, "and we will be working on a significant expansion and will look at getting into other Canadian markets." He also indicated that there is a great synergy between Weihenstephan and the King Brewery and wouldn't rule out future collaboration.

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