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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Double Chocolate Cherry Stout: Black Oak Brewery

I had already drank a couple of good beers this past weekend before I got around to having a Double Chocolate Cherry Stout from the Black Oak Brewing Company. I had the Schloss Eggenberg Urbock 23 and then shared a bottle of Unibroue 17 with Greg Clow, (who also happened to bring back 18 beers from Montreal for me) before sitting my sights on Black Oak’s latest seasonal offering.

Black Oak, a small brewery located in Oakville, ON, is home to President Ken Woods and head brewer Adrian Popowycz, who consistently produce very good beer. They brew a Pale ale that features a nice hop profile and pairs well with spicier foods, a Nut Brown ale that is wonderful with pork roast, and seasonals like their Nutcracker Porter, Summer Saison and the DCCS. The Nutcracker won a gold medal at the 2007 Canadian Brewing Awards while the Pale Ale won a bronze.

The appearance of the DCCS is pitch black with a nice creamy head that didn't want to leave. The cream coloured foam creates a resemblance to the foam you might find in your latte and provides a nice silky mouthfeel. Small traces of lacing wrap around my glass making this pint look like a million bucks. It certainly smells like a million bucks too. Obviously there is a strong sour cherry presence, yet not overbearing, which I prefer. The cherries are mixed together with traces of smoky malt, chocolate, brown sugar and a hint of coffee aromas. It smells delicious.

It goes down nice and smooth leaving a creamy coating on my tongue. You’ll pick up the cherries and chocolate on your first sip and pick them up on your last. This beer is great with desserts like cheesecakes, ice cream or brownies. And speaking of brownies, don't hesitate to incorporate a little DCCS into your brownie recipe. It's quite a treat.

The DCCS made its 2008 debut at C’est What’s 20th anniversary party and is available at various other pubs, to which Woods has posted on Bar Towel.

Hi Everyone
So Far we have the 2xChocCherryStout at the following Pubs:
Beer Bistro
Caffe Volo
Dr. Generosity
The Rebel House
The Bow & Arrow
Victory Cafe
Renaisance Cafe

You can buy 6, 12, or 24 packs from Black Oak’s retail store for $12.25, $22.75, and $43.25 respectively.



Black Dog said...

I had a few pints of this at Volo last spring, I believe it was.

Its terrific and I've been hoping to be able to get some. Its available from their retail store, Troy?

Troy Burtch said...

Hey Black Dog,

The retail store at black Oak sells the bottles of the DCCS and it's a beauty. Better get out there and get some before its gone.


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