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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Introducing Beerology: A New Beer Website

A good pal of mine recently launched her very own website dedicated to her unwavering love of beer., a new beer site in Ontario that is geared towards both beer connoisseurs and beginners alike.

Mirella Amato, the creator of the site and who also happens to write for TAPS magazine on Quebec beer news, has dove head first into every aspect of the beer industry, learning as much as she can in order to turn that knowledge around and educate others.

Since 2006, I have devoted myself full-time to the study of beer. I also decided to take advantage of my performance background in opera, and promote local brews through freelance work with a focus on public speaking and education. Now, I very much enjoy organizing and guiding beer-tasting sessions, and collaborate with a number of other companies that give me the opportunity to share my knowledge and enthusiasm for beer.
You may have saw her on Legourmet TV hosting an episode by interviewing a brewer, or doing a tasting with a sales rep, or you may have talked to her at any beer event in the Province, she seems to be everywhere promoting craft beer. She is also a member of the Canadian Amateur Brewers' Association, where she decided to become a certified beer judge. Last week she did a tasting at the Hart House (University of Toronto) before a large group and although I couldn't make it, I heard she did extremely well.

The new site has links to every Ontario brewery, some pubs, blogs, notes on how to taste beer, and guidance for signing up for a guided beer tasting. She has also posted some of the video clips you can watch her in and some beer articles published in various media outlets.

So, if your looking at doing a beer tasting in the near future and you think you may need some guidance, tips or ideas, a good start would be checking out and than contacting Mirella.

Beerology guided beer tasting sessions are a hands-on approach to learning. While it is great to read about beer in books or online, nothing compares to tasting it with a group of people and a guide who will point out flavours, provide fun facts, and answer questions. That’s exactly what Beerology provides; a fun, sociable, interactive way to learn about beer.

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