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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Garrison Ultimate Brew-Off

After finishing the post about Amsterdam brewing a Doppelbock based on a recipe listed on Bar Towel, the folks at the Garrison Brewing Company forwarded me the following press release (see below) announcing a new annual competition they're hosting for Maritime home-brewers.

I recently talked to Brian Titus, owner of Garrison's, who filled me in on his idea. "Most professional brewers start off home-brewing, so this is a great way to let them showcase their skills on a commercial level while getting engaged with Garrison," stated Titus." Everyone at the brewery is looking forward to trying the beer that gets submitted, and we do expect some terrific stuff."

This is a terrific idea that should peek the interest of homebrewers living on the east coast. The winning entry, as you'll read below, gets a pretty nice prize - the chance to brew the recipe at the brewery with Brewmaster Daniel Girard, which will then go on to be packaged and sold as a Garrison seasonal.

Here is the announcement:

Welcome to the first annual “Garrison Ultimate Brew-Off”, an annual competition for hot-shot home-brewers across the Maritimes.

Participants will be asked to produce a 5 gallon/20litre batch of beer based on a pre-determined beer style. Each entry will receive a written review with the top four each receiving a prize. The best beer overall will be scaled up to commercial size by our Brewmaster, Daniel Girard, which the home-brewer will assist in brewing as a Garrison seasonal! This is intended to be an annual event, with a different style chosen each year.


  • Entrants must be home-brewers (non-commercial brewers) from either Nova Scotia or New Brunswick.
  • Beers produced on the premises of commercial brewers are not eligible;
  • Beers must be within BJCP Style Guidelines to win ( The 2009 style is “STANDARD / ORDINARY BITTER;

Beers must be:
1.) all-grain; or,
2.) extract with hops &/or malt.

  • Purchased “complete kits” are not eligible. Brews must be properly documented (brewing sheet attached) & fully reproducible; Unfiltered beer is completely acceptable;
  • Total of 2 litres (6 x 341ml, 4 x 500ml, etc.) submitted for review & judging purposes;
  • $10 registration fee entitles all entrants to a souvenir t-shirt & two tickets to the gala event;
  • Registration deadline is April 30, 2009. Samples must be received by Tuesday, May 19, 2009.
Review, Judging and Awards Reception:
  • All entries will receive a written evaluation (including suggestions if applicable) by our award-winning Brewmaster, Daniel Girard.
  • The top four (4) entries will be selected by Daniel Girard for final judging by BJCP certified judges;
  • Awards will be handed out at a reception on Thursday May 28, 2009 at Garrison Brewery (1149 Marginal Road) and finalists are asked to bring a quantity of their brew for attendees to sample.
  • The Gold Medal winner will be invited to join Daniel in brewing a full-sized batch of their recipe for packaging & release as a limited edition seasonal. They will also receive two flats (48 bottles) of the finished beer, a $75 Noble Grape gift certificate & be presented with a trophy that will remain on display at the brewery;
  • Prizes will also be given out for Silver, Bronze & Honourable Mention, including gift certificates from Noble Grape.
Good Luck & Drink Independently!

** Garrison retains the right to name & brew the finished product without royalty, compensation or limitation.

Garrison Brewing Company
1149 Marginal Road
Halifax, NS

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