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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Now Open - The Roy Public House: Toronto, ON

After a good night out at Volo, and The Painted Lady (where Cameron's Brewing held a party for their licensee's), Biergotter's Eric (Viggo) and I headed back towards the Beach(es) on the Queen Streetcar and happened to notice that The Roy Public House was officially open. With a quick look at each other and a slight nod we jumped off the 501 and entered the newest resident to Leslieville.

We grabbed a piece of floor that wasn't occupied (it was very busy) and chatted with the owner while taking down a couple pints of Wellington County Ale. They did a tremendous job of transforming the location from its former decor left over from Kubo Radio. Lots of wood, Canadian wood stained in Toronto (keeping it local), an electric fireplace, exposed brick and dark coloured patterned carpeting.

"This was the first day we were opened and it has been an unbelievable day," stated Mark, who owns the pub.  Two of the ten tap handles belong to Wellington, one to Creemore, and one to Waupoos, and the rest are owned by the big fella's.  While I like walking into a pub and seeing an extensive beer menu, pubs aren't just about the beer selection, so beer geeks who enjoy a good session beer every now and then shouldn't dismiss The Roy just yet, and Mark did mention this is a starting point.  I guess we'll see how it goes.

I'm intending to go back by the end of the week to sit and chat with him over some food and drinks, so a full write-up is sure to come. In the meantime, here are some pictures and a link to their website.

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