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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meet Don and Bobby: Propeller Brewing Co.

Meet Don and Bobby, two brewers from the Propeller Brewing Company in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and producers of award winning English style ales. People just can't get enough of Propeller's beers. Their IPA, London Style Porter, Extra Special Bitter and their seasonals like the Russian Revolution Imperial Stout, and Pumpkin Ale, continue to sell out, causing the brewery to undergo some expansion in the last couple of years. Behind the beers stand two men - Don and Bobby, and they graciously took the time to get together to take part in this segment of 'Meet the...'
*Bobby on left, Don (with hat) on right.

How many years have you worked in the industry?
Don-22 years,
Bobby-20 years

Have you worked together before?
Don-Yes, Bob and I work together at a couple of other breweries.
Bobby- We worked together at Maverick and Vancouver Island.

How did you get into brewing beer?
Don-You wouldn't believe me if I told you.....,
Bobby-There is two ways to get free beer, you can become a rock star or make it. I can't sing or play guitar so I started brewing it.

How long have you been brewing with Propeller Brewing Company?
Don- Just over two years now.
Bobby- I have been with Propeller for about one and a half years.

Where were you before Propeller?
Don-Maverick Brewing Company in Edmonton.

Can you provide a little history on the brewery?
Don-Propeller Opened it's doors in 1997 producing two brands Propeller Extra Special Bitter and Propeller Pale Ale. It was really a one man operation back then, John Allen (Founder and President of Propeller) did most of it. At the time the Nova Scotia market was dominated by large national and multinational breweries, but the locals were thirsty for change and Propeller's British styled ales quickly won over many customers. Since that time Propeller has grown tremendously.

What is your best selling beer?
Don- Extra Special Bitter.
Bobby- Oh yeah, its the best selling micro-brewed beer in Nova Scotia.

Do you notice a difference in style from the East Coast breweries to those from the West Coast?
Don- No, not in today's market, really. There's a lot of quality beer being produced across the country.
Bobby- West coast breweries tend to be a little more advanced in equipment and marketing.

What is it like brewing on Canada's East Coast?
Bobby-Snowy, and you gotta keep the equipment tied down in hurricane season.

Describe the beer culture in Nova Scotia for readers in other provinces.
Bobby- They drink a lot of beer out here, Nova Scotians are social people who like to have a good time, and what better way is there than to slip off to a pub and enjoy a pint, or get out and see a live show with some good friends. I think really good beer brings people together, although that's not a Nova Scotian phenomenon.

Where can someone find your products?
Don- On tap our products are at the finer pubs and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia. Packaged product can be found in BC, Alberta, New Brunswick, and of course, Nova Scotia. **(And Ontario in the very near future)

How successful have the seasonals been for Propeller?
Don-People always get excited by them.
Bobby-They sell really well.

Rumour is that there are two new beers in the works. Can you share some details?
Don-New beers? Not that I know of...,
Bobby-Really? Cough eer... I'm always the last to know.

Best time for a pint?
Don-Late morning.
Bobby-Hmm, Is it wrong to say when I get up?

What's your favorite beer style?
Don-Helles or Euro Pilsners.
Bobby-Pilsners, Hefes, depending on my mood.

What is your ideal food and beer pairing?
Don-All Meat Pizza and Pilsner Urquell.
Bobby-Ribs and De Koninck

Pick one Propeller beer to drink forever.
Don-Tough......maybe Bitter, maybe Porter.
Bobby- IPA if I had to make a choice.

What has been the highlight of your brewing careers?
Don-Too numerous to mention.
-Everyday is a new highlight.

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