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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Countdown's On - Last Minute Beer Related Gift Ideas: Books

The Winter issue of TAPS will be out next week and for those of you who support the only Canadian beer publication who'll find a last minute gift guide that center's around, well, beer, and beer related items. The list is a pretty good one. I helped put it together, but with less than 10 shopping days left, I figured I'd do another here on the blog, spread out over the next week.

There's no shortage of ideas for the beer lover in your family. Cases of beer under the tree decorated with colourful ribbons - beer books about styles, history, and education - beer memorabilia items like glassware, clothing, accessories and more - brewery tours - homebrewing supplies - educational seminars; as I said, there is no shortage of ideas.

Today let's take a look at books for the beer lover.

Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada
Nicholas Pashley, the author of Notes on a Beermat: Drinking and Why Its Necessary, recently had a new book published by HarperCollins: Cheers! An Intemperate History of Beer in Canada. The book is available from coast-to-coast in fine bookstores (and some not so fine bookstores, as Pashley would say) and, like Notes on a Beermat, Cheers! is a delightful read that will have you reading well into the night. The book retails for $19.95 and can be ordered from HarperCollins website.

Brewed in Canada & The Canadian Book of Beer
Do you have a friend in mind that has some curiousity about your love for beer? Know someone who has expressed interest in learning more about the history of the brewing industry in Canada? Any true Canadian beer lover will have heard about the book Brewed in Canada by William Allen Sneath. The book takes a great look into everything that beer has touched in Canada. Yes it lacks an index, but don't let that stop you from ordering it from Amazon.

If you want to start your friend off with lighter reading, check out Steve Cameron's new book, The Canadian Book of Beer. The book was launched in the summer and is a smaller, easier read than Sneath's book. It just scratches the surface, yet provides enough information to get your buddy on their way. I like to think of it as a Cole's notes version of Brewed in Canada.

Tasting Beer: An Insider's Guide to the World's Greatest Drink
Randy Mosher is a widely celebrated beer writer out of Chicago who penned Radical Brewing, a book that's very popular among both aspiring homebrewers and the most seasoned basement brewer. This year Mosher penned another book that deserves a spot in your beer library: Tasting Beer. Mosher touches on everything in this book; styles, tasting vocabulary, throwing a tasting party, includes diagrams of the senses, provides a history of our favourite beverage and breaks down beer styles by country of origin. A great gift for any beer drinker.

The beerbistro Cookbook
Stephen Beaumont is Canada's most recognized beer writer. He's written five books all on the subject, six if you include his latest - The beerbistro Cookbook, who he wrote with beerbistro owner/chef Brian Morin. This is a book you must own. You'll love it. Your girlfriend/wife/partner will love it. The book features recipes straight from the beerbistro kitchen, which if your not aware, is one of the most recognized kitchens in the beer bar industry the world over. Beaumont offers pairing ideas, provides notes on hosting a beer dinner, and gives pouring and presentation tips. Where can you get it? Here on Amazon, or straight from beerbistro itself.

Hops 'n' Glory
The popular author of highly acclaimed beer books Man Walks Into a Pub and Three Sheets to the Wind, is back with possibly his best work yet. Pete Brown takes readers on an epic adventure from Burton-on-Trent to the heat of India while protecting a special cask conditioned India Pale Ale, doing his best to recreate the voyage the beer is famous for. Brown mentioned the following on his own blog yesterday: "Hops and Glory has sold out. Macmillan have sold 4550 copies, and there are no more left." Fear not Canadians, you can still find copies, although minimal, through Chapters/Indigo.

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