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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Swans Buckerfields Brewery Extra IPA - Victoria, BC

Snow flakes finally fell in Toronto yesterday. After going through the first snow free November in over 100 years Toronto is due to get a bunch of the white stuff (tomorrow it seems).

Around 3pm, while looking out the window from my office space, I suddenly felt like a big bold IPA. Something with a lot of body. Something with a ton of hop, yet nicely balanced with some caramel malt. I got through the rest of my day (barely) and headed home. The door to the beer fridge gets opened and after shifting some bottles here and there I settled on a Swans Buckerfields Extra IPA, a beer I haven't re-visited in over a year.

Swans has been around for quite some time now, opening the doors to the brewpub/brewery in 1989 in Victoria. Andrew Tessier, brewmaster since 2003, produces a number of English style beers that include: pale ale, a stout, brown ale, IPA, Bavarian lager, scotch ale, and raspberry ale, and a number of these beers have gone onto win a number of Canadian Brewing Awards over the years. I have some of those in the fridge as well, but tonight belongs to the boldest of the bunch.

Into the kitchen to grab a pint glass, pop the top, sit back, drink up and relax.

The pale amber hued Extra IPA comes out of the bottle and into the pint glass releasing the aroma of pine needles and mellow citrusy notes. A big billowy layer of foam rests atop the unfiltered 6.8% IPA. Great start. There is some fruity notes on the nose as well that mix in with the aforementioned hops leading into a burst of flavour in the first sip. Bold hops up front, spicy even, before giving way to a slight warming alcohol touch and a mellowing sweetness from the caramel malt that stands up to the hops just enough to create some balance. The mouthfeel is pleasant, finishing dry with lingering bitterness and a warming sensation in the throat. The 650ml bottle is all to myself tonight, and I'm happy to finish it off. This Extra IPA would have matched nicely with a slice of carrot cake or another rich dessert like baklava.

Swans Buckerfields Brewery
506 Pandora Avenue
Victoria, BC V8W 1N6

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