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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mill Street Pumps Out Another Seasonal

Mill Street launched yet another seasonal beer the other night down at their brewpub in the Distillery District - Vanilla Porter. Joel Manning, Mill Street's Brewmaster, shared his tasting notes with me and describes the new porter in detail.

"Deep mahogany colour made with pale malt, caramel malt, roasted barley and raw flaked wheat. It has an outrageous amount of pure, organic, Mexican double strength vanilla extract in it to give it a very smooth and rich (but not over-powering) vanilla aroma and palate. The nose is slightly fruity with plum aromas from the yeast and malt and smokey bittersweet chocolate notes from the roast barley. These flavours in combination with the caramel accented vanilla produce a very light aroma reminiscent of sweet pipe tobacco. The Vanilla reappears late in the aftertaste but never becomes cloying. This sounds like something that you would have half a pint of and not want any more, but it is subtly enough flavoured to be a very sessionable beer. We are very proud of this one! "

As I mentioned last month, after attending their Roggenbier launch, Mill Street has a number of other beers they plan to release in the upcoming months.

Mid December - 7.2% Weizenbock which Manning states is the most authentic German brew Mill Street's done to date.

January & February - Manning will release his Imperial Stout in February that will use chocolate from SOMA, their next door neighbour in the Distillery District. The Scotch Ale will be back again this year, as will the Betelguese.


Lee Russell said...

Sounds like it might be a very good beer. Do you suppose there's any chance that these new Mill Street brews will show up in Nova Scotia? We get their organic lager, which I'm not a fan of, but their Tankhouse ale is one of my favourite session beers.

malcolm said...

Doubt it. Even in Toronto you don't see these one offs and seasonals in very many bars except for their "flagship" pub in the distillery district.
As for bottles, growlers at their downtown location is the only way to carry it home.

Grimes said...

I really hope this vanilla porter is as (for lack of a better word) sensual as it sounds! At the very least hopefully it warms me enough for the long cold walk back to the (dt) core!

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