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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Henry House: Halifax, NS

The Henry House
1222 Barrington St, Halifax, NS, (902) 423-5660

The Henry House is located in the original home of William Alexander Henry, one of Canada’s Fathers of Confederation. The house was constructed in 1834 and Henry called it home while serving as Mayor of this great city in 1870.

The beer is great here, and if you read the beer menu closely, you’ll notice that it’s the same that’s being served at the Granite. The thing is, Granite brews all the beer that is served at the Henry House. The five English style unpasturized top fermented ales go along great with the atmosphere of the pub.

There are three levels to the Henry House, but drinkers will be most interested in the basement that plays host to the pub. The downstairs lighting has been dimmed giving it an English style edge and is furnished with old train booths and old furniture. Rustic wood, original granite brick, and a fireplace embedded in the wall encompasses the interior while rafters and beams have been left exposed for all to see.

Like any well presented pub, the Henry House has a small display of beer bottles incased from around the country along with postcards that past guests have sent back. The Henry House is a great destination for drinkers to go waste the hours away with a good book or a friendly chat with the bartender while enjoying craft brew that even William Henry would have loved.

Beer Menu - Draught: Best Bitter, Best Bitter Special, Peculiar, Irish Stout, Ringwood, IPA, and a mixture of light and dark bitters, Propeller, Garrison and McAuslan’s.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the Henry House. It is by far the best pub I've been to. I used to go to the Henry House every Thursday night when living in Halifax. Great food, great service, and most importantly, great beer!!!

Anonymous said...

Henry House has a super ambience along with good beer and excellent food, it could almost be run by a Mancunian! but I believe the lady who runs it is Canadian.
Having visited on numerous occasions over a number of years there is no better place on an evening out.

Anonymous said...

This pub is well above average in every category. The beers, a wide range of microbrews. The food is not your standard pub food, but they manage to keep the prices down. The staff are experienced, friendly and knowledgable and the ownership duo are often the first to great you and engage you in conversation.
The music is even an inpromptu meeting of celtic musicians who I am sure are happy to play whether there is applause or not.
Very highly recommended.

Anonymous said...

The very,very best part of running a pub is the people you meet and you and Jess are at the top of the list.

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