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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lower Deck: Halifax, NS

Lower Deck: Pub-Beer Market-Taproom
Historic Properties, Halifax, NS (902) 425-1501

A fabulous tourist hot spot and widely considered to be the most seeked out pub in Canada, the Lower Deck exemplifies the much hyped maritime hospitality. This is a must stop on any tourist’s agenda and you won’t regret it. The Lower Deck is home to a great lineup of the best local bands that entertain seven nights a week with a mix of Celtic, old Canadiana and rock music and Alexander Keith’s draught flows from the taps. This pub serves more Keith’s draught than anywhere else in Canada which is a testimate to their success. Located in the Historic Privateers Warehouse on the Halifax waterfront, The Lower Deck has a large patio that surrounds the lower level and is joined by the Tap Room on the third floor (events) and The Beer Market on the second floor, which is widely considered an extension of the popular Lower Deck Pub, offering Great food, a fully stocked Bar and a D.J. with dancing every weekend.. The motif is largely comprised of Alexander Keith memorabilia and large wooden tables with benches that take a beating whenever the music starts. Original brickwork, low ceilings and beautiful stone flooring shape the interior image of the Deck. The history regarding the building (privateer’s warehouse) is enough to make you stop in and take a look around. You might as well have a pint while you’re their.

Beer Menu – Draught: Keith’s, Keith’s Red, Stella Artois, Boddingtons, Bud Light

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Lower Deck Halifax said...

Great pub, beer is watered down tho.

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