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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Knot Pub: Lunenburg, NS

The Knot Pub Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

In 1995 UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) added Lunenburg to their World Heritage list and anyone who has ever visited this beautiful town has been taken back by it. The Knot Pub is located on the main street leading into downtown Lunenburg and it’s not hard to miss it. The building is a small wooden structure that looks like it should be in a fairy tale book but it plays home to a nice cozy little pub. Looking through the small ship sized window in the front door, you can see the entrance into this quaint pub and suddenly the excitement takes over you. Inside you’ll notice that the bar is located to your left just pass a small island of tables and booths. It’s a small curvy bar that only seats five, though a good selection of imported bottled beer and draught comes from behind. Propeller brewery brews a house ale called “Knots Ale” that is superb. The inside of the pub was created to look like the inside of a ship and the attention to detail is great. Rope and other sea artifacts line the walls along with flags and the furniture appears to be very old and rustic. Nice music comes from the speakers like “American Pie” and “Piano Man” which makes for a nice drinking atmosphere. Local musicians take over Saturday nights and play maritime music for many university students who make the trek home from Halifax. The Knot pub serves amazing food for a good price and the portions sizes are great. This establishment gives true meaning to the word pub.

Beer Menu - Draught: Propeller, Stella Artois, Keith’s, Garrison’s, Guinness


Anonymous said...

If you want fresh pub food, and a menu with something for everyone than this is the place. Make sure to try the beesting honey mustard, it is to die for! Great atmosphere and friendly staff to boot.

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

We visited Lunenburg in the summer of 2006 and had lunch and drinks at "The Knot pub" what a fanastic place. The food was great, drinks cold and service was true East Coast style Friendly & welcoming as could be. If you are going to Lunenburg Please go it's well worth it. We loved it so much we are thinking of moving there!

Troy Burtch said...

The Knot Pub is a good enough reason to move to Lunenburg! It was a fantastic place that I wish I visited more. Thanks for reading and commenting.


Anonymous said...
britney backed.
pass on to mary & hercules & jodie(?)
& bonnie & her husband charles & karen.
15 yrs work overnight sensation.

K. Støle said...

I visited Luneburg in May 1994 when I served in The Royal Norwegian Navy. I visited The Knot every night for drinks and beer. The staff was serviceminded and extremely friendly. They even gathered a soccer team to meet the sailors of the KNM Horten. This kind of friendlyness is uniqe, and it seems to involve all of the inhabitants of Lunenburg. I had a great time visiting your beautiful town, and hoping to come back for a visit some time.

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