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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Ontario Craft Brewery On the Move

The St. Catherine's Standard is reporting that the Niagara's Best Beer Co. is set to make a move this summer.

Niagara Falls will be home to the region's two microbreweries, following a decision by a St. Catharines brewery to relocate there.
Niagara's Best Beer at 75 St. Paul St. is moving this summer to the former Niagara Brewing Co. (owned by Moosehead) facility on Lundy's Lane.
The new location will feature a brewery restaurant and because of the added capacity, there are plans to increase the number of brands. Right now all the brewery produces are a Best Blonde and a Best Lager, both generic in their own right.

The article provided me with some new information, information I had no idea about. Niagara's Best Beer was launched in 2005 by two former Labatt executives, Kent and Kristy Kraemers, who appear to be out of the picture. The article states that the Kraemers are no longer involved in the business and that the company is now a corporation, as said by business manager, Lou Stranges. It appears that even with the changes the brewery is still part of the Ontario Craft Brewers (OCB) as they are still listed on the OCB website which was recently updated to include Steelback.

No word on a proposed date for the move. Here's hoping that this new change will see more adventurous beer being produced for on-site consumption.

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