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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Brewers Plate Menu Announced

The menu for next Friday's Brewers Plate has been announced here, and thanks to Greg Clow- here, and it sounds friggin amazing. Local food, local beer, highly talented and skilled chefs, all together in a beautiful room on a Friday night - I can't wait.

Check out the official website to order your tickets.

Here is the menu:
From the Kitchen of Brad Long, Veritas
Cameron's Auburn Ale Poached Erie White Bass on Spruce Tip Crepe
Local Lake Erie White Bass from Diana’s Seafood Delight in Toronto
Cameron’s Auburn Ale from Cameron’s in Oakville, Ontario
Pickled Spruce Tips from Forbes Wild Foods in Toronto, Ontario

From the Kitchen of Karen Vaz,
Rebel House
Smoked Elk Sausage Ragout with Dark Ale and Leeks; served with Herbed Potato Gnocchi
The sausage is from SmokeKing in Meaford, Ontario
The potatoes are from Shelburne, Ontario
Vegetables will be supplied by Sanci's Produce

Paired with Mill Street

From the Kitchen of Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Event Catering
Potato and Apple Doughnut with Fine Pork Fricassee: This is a yeast raised doughnut made with potato and apple. The fine pork fricassee is like a stew made with pork and onions and red peppers and cream and cider and reduced apple cider.
The pork is from Fred Demartines from Perth Pork Products in Sebringville, Ontario
The potatoes are from Markus of Klondyke Farms in Dashwood, Ontario
The apples are from Lincoln Line Orchards, Smithville, Ontario

Paired with Steam Whistle

From the Kitchen of Marc Breton, Gladstone Hotel (vegetarian selection)
Welsh Rarebit: Savoury bite size snacks combining
Great Lakes Brewery Devil’s Pale Ale and Monforte sheep milk Cheddar with a hit of Kozlik Dijon mustard served on a toasted St. John’s Bakery Red Fife bread.
Devil’s Pale Ale from Great Lakes Brewery in Toronto
Sheep’s milk cheddar produced by Ruth Klahsen at Monforte Dairy in Millbank, Ontario
Kozlik’s Dijon mustard made by Anton Kozlik in Toronto and distributed by 100km Foods
St.John’s Bakery whole wheat bread baked on Broadview Ave. in Toronto with heritage Red Fife wheat grown by Patricia Hastings near Madoc, Ontario

From the Kitchen of Brook Kavanagh,
La Palette
Everspring Farms Muscovy Duck 2 Ways: Leg Confit Croquette and Seared Breast with Maple-Parsnip Preserve and Pickled Brussel Sprout.
Duck is from Everspring Farms, Ilderton, Ontario
Parsnips from Pfennings Organic, just outside Baden, Ontario
Brussel sprouts from Sosnicki Organics located in Waterford, Ontario

Paired with Wellington

From the Kitchen of Mark Cutrara, Cowbell
Legendary Beef Tartare: made from Dingo Farms Red Angus Beef and served on a crostini made from bread Cowbell bakes in-house.
Dingo Farms is located in Bradford, Ontario
Bread from Cowbell, Toronto, Ontario

Paired with Black Oak

With these dishes you can enjoy these fine craft beers: Black Oak, Cameron’s, Great Lakes, Mill Street, Steam Whistle and Wellington.

Appetizer restaurants include Oyster Boy, Buddha Dog, Hart House and Magic Oven with bar snacks from Daily Apple.

Dessert Artisans include LPK’s Culinary Groove, Ninutik Maple Sugar, and the Ontario Cheese Society with chocolates from Kakayo and Chocoland

Other wonderful beverage providers include The County Cider Company, Henry of Pelham, Arthur’s Fresh Company, Merchants of Green Coffee and Oikos Teas.

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