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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Creemore's Kellerbier Coming Back Soon!

The beer I decreed to be 'my beer of the year' for 2009 is on its way back into the market as Creemore stated in an issued press release on Friday.

The Kellerbier will be made available by May 3rd at select LCBO's and pubs/restaurants.  Don't wait to long to get some, it sold out extremely fast last year

Here are my thoughts from last years batch:
The can is attractive and full of educational reading material for the individuals out there looking for something new (you've seen these people standing in the beer section at the LCBO reading all the cans). The unfiltered Kellerbier (cellar beer) pours a lovely hazy tarnished gold with a strong bold white layer of foamy protection that decides to hang out with me for the duration of the tasting, covering my glass with thick lacing.

My nose awakens as I dip it into the glass to get a big whiff of aromas, aromas that take me to an autumn day in the country. Floral, biscuity and a slight grassiness are picked up along with some sweet fruit, white peppery notes and a little citrus. The first sip is a good one. The second is even better. Caramel notes and some of that Creemore fruitiness, along with some of the left over yeast is found up front leading into a nice subtle hop body that sparks a slight peppery touch ending in a nice dry, yet clean and refreshing finish. The malt base plays nicely with the hops and only has a mild cloying effect on the palate.

This unfiltered lager is bursting with flavour and aromas, resembling a cask conditioned ale in a can, which is essentially what a Kellerbier is in Germany. Creemore has certainly taken the ball and ran with it on their latest seasonal, which will hopefully awake some of the smaller craft breweries in this province who produce lagers. Get some while it's fresh as the brewery has only produced enough for 80,000 cans.  


Lager Bore said...

Thanks for the heads up, I really enjoyed this stuff last year!

Grimes said...

sweet! this made my monday!

...I can taste it now... mmm

Troy Burtch said...

I'm sitting in the office having a fresh pint of this right now.....just sayin!

Duvel said...

What's the LCBO number on this? It doesn't seem to be on the LCBO website even using last years number 134148 or even typing in Creemore Springs Kellerbier.


Troy Burtch said...

duvel - I'm not sure what the number is...I just did a search on the LCBO site myself and couldn't locate it.

Duvel said...

It's now listed on the LCBO website: LCBO Item # 134148 but only available in 29 of them! Think this will expand?

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