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Friday, April 16, 2010

Duggan's No.9 IPA Heading to the LCBO

Duggan's No.9 IPA, a beer that has done very well for itself (silver at Canadian Brewing Awards) since being released back in 2009 by Duggan's Brewery brewmaster, Michael Duggan, will be showing up on LCBO shelves in the very near future I'm told.  There was no mention of a price, but it will be an open format six-pack of the 275ml bottles.  I confirmed this with Duggan this morning, who also shared some other interesting tidbits about some events he has planned for the brewery/restaurant.

"We're working on a MaiFest down at Duggan's that will celebrate German beer, German food, and we'll have some live bands in house to entertain the customers," he said today over the phone.  The plan is to run it for 10 days or so.  He also mentioned that Duggan's Brewery plans to do little festival's like the MaiFest each month or two.

And, for all your homebrewers out there, Duggan plans to host a Homebrew Weekend at the brewery during the first weekend of May.  "We'll cover some theory, have some ingredients for sale, and on Sunday we'll actually do some brewing."  More information will be available shortly.


Anonymous said...

Love it, but ain't gonna buy it in this format. Sorry.

Troy Burtch said...

You don't have to be sorry, but next time, don't post under Anonymous. Hit Name/URL and put something in that field before hitting publish.

David J Horan said...

Didn't I see this in the fridge at Cool? I didn't take too close of a look, but they appeared to be standard size. Maybe it wasn't No.9 though.

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