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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Anonymous Commenters

Not that this blog generates a huge number of comments, but as of today I have decided not to publish any comments left on posts that bare the name 'anonymous'. There have been too many instances where someone reads a post and then decides to leave a nasty comment that I wouldn't want anyone reading.

I have been moderating comments here for about a year; a move I felt necessary after someone left some words about an establishment that were pretty awful, and frankly without merit. Some comments have slipped by me (by my own error), but were removed after I had the chance to review them. This won't happen again. Like the couple I have received over the last two days.

Leaving a comment with your name, or nickname isn't as hard as it may look. Simply choose the 'name/url' option and put something in the required field. I'll still be reviewing the comment, though, and if I feel it's unwarranted or slanderous, it will be deleted and won't be posted. I understand most of these 'one-off' comments aren't coming from frequent readers, but I still find it necessary to post.

All that being said, I would like to see more comments posted here on the site, and I encourage you to do so. It would be nice to stir up healthy discussions with others who share, or oppose your thoughts. But healthy is the key word.

Thanks for reading!

2 comments: said...

Hey Guys I just want to say that I'am sure all your faithful readers trust your judgement in what is a fair and accurate comment. The Toronto beer scene is growing every year because of passionate people such as your selves who put so much time into it. If I ever forget my address its only because I'am a technological dinasour and I forgot. Thanks.

Troy Burtch said...

Hey Adam,

Thanks for the kinds words. Spreading the good word is exactly what I've tried, and continue to try to do on a regular basis, and negative comments from people who can't even leave their name just don't find in with what I think this blog is all about.

See ya soon for a flight of Belgian's finest.


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