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Friday, June 19, 2009

B.C.'s Fat Cat Brewery Closing

I was surfing through the Canadian forum over at Beeradvocate the other day when I saw a post regarding the sale of all Fat Cat's brewing equipment. Looking at the flyer for all the equipment seemed to indicate that the brewery was closing shop for good.

I remember sharing emails with Bunny Goodman, Operations Manager of Fat Cat, and she mentioned back in late May that due to issues with the landlord plans were to move out of their current location to take up residence in a new spot. "We are just about to move locations, we are still looking but we have to find something soon as we've already given notice to the landlord. We must be out by July 31."

Then the post on Beeradvocate that has the link to the flyer posted by Bunny on

An email was sent to Bunny to see what was taking place and the response I received was not one that any true fan of craft beer likes, or wants to hear. "We're shutting down. We had a sale in the works but that crumbled. We're exhausted and having problems with the current landlord. So, if you know of anyone out this way or would want to move to the island and have a small microbrewery....."

Unfortunate news indeed. There were a couple of products produced by Fat Cat that I quite enjoyed. The Barley Wine was a nice beer that I shared with a number of people who had some good things to say about it, and the Spring issue of TAPS featured a profile on their IPA with reviewers, Josh Rubin and Roger Mittag, writing positive remarks.

So here's wishing a Fat Cat and all their employees the best of luck in their future endeavours, and cheers to your years of making quality beer!


Eric said...

I thought their barleywine was truly one of the better BC versions. Sad to see them close shop.

Stephen Beaumont said...

And here I thought I had a scoop, albeit a sad one. I was speaking with Bunny just last night and she told me the bad news. Seems they tried all avenues to keep things going, but ultimately couldn't fit the pieces together. Sad for Fat Cat, sad for Vancouver Island and BC, sad for Canadian beer aficionados. Fat Cat was the kind of brewery we need more of, not fewer of.

Stephen Beaumont said...

Good news, Troy, I heard from Bunny this morning and Fat Cat is going to survive after all, at least for the short term. I just put some details up at my blog

Troy Burtch said...

Stephen - That's great news! Thanks for the heads up.


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