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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Town Hall Meeting at the Abbot on the Hill

When I attended the Kronenberg 1664 Blanc launch a couple weeks ago at the Abbot on the Hill I had the chance to sit down with owner, Adam Grant, to hear about some new ideas he had for his establishment.

One of those ideas was for the installation of a patio at the rear of the building, something Adam feels would increase business substantially during the warmer seasons. So the lawyer was contacted, construction quotes were obtained, and plans moved forward to add a patio. The plan is to build a small patio, similar in size to the one down the road at the Rebel House, with 10 foot walls. Adam also mentions that there wouldn't be any music playing on the patio - out of respect for nearby tenants. But since then the AOTH received some negative feedback from individuals that are not in favour of this endeavour. While there are many people that would love to see more space added to the popular pub, it appears some feel that there would be too much noise and disturbance.

Because of this, Adam and Melissa (Adam's wife and co-owner) decided to host an informal Question and Answer Town Hall Meeting tomorrow night at the pub to show how adding a patio would be good for the neighbourhood without interrupting the lives of local residents, and to answer any concerns raised. The Q&A meeting will take place between 5pm and 7pm and supporters of the AOTH are encouraged to drop in and show their support.

In other AOTH news, Adam (who just happens to be one of the best publicans in the city) mentioned that they are going to be introducing a new beer program at the pub. On Tuesday nights the AOTH will be offering 5oz tasting flights of three Belgian ales - Wednesday nights will be called Weisse Wednesday's as flights of three Weissbiers will be offered - and Friday nights will belong to flights of three different London Pride products.

And you may have heard about Adam and Melissa's decision to change the name of the pub due to its old ties to the Abbot pub located further up Yonge. They have introduced a contest to have customers submit prospective names for the pub with the winner to be announced at the end of summer. The ones that catch the attention of the owners are being written on a chalkboard in the pub and there have been some good ones (I like 'The Drunken Oyster' personally). Whoever submits the winning name will receive VIP access to all the beer launches, whiskey nosings, wine tastings, and any other special event that happens to be taking place. Not bad eh!

Contact Adam at for more information.

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